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Trusted By Thousands Of Aussies Every Month
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Trusted By Thousands Of Aussies Every Month

CashPal is here for quick cash loans online when you come up short. The lenders that we work with understand that everybody’s financial situation is different, and that’s why many of them offer no paperwork loans. If you are a little unsure about how you might provide all of the necessary documentation that usually comes along with a personal loan, read on to find out why a no paperwork loan through CashPal’s lender-finding service could be the right option for you…

What is a no paperwork loan?

A ‘no paperwork loan’, also known as a low-doc or no-doc loan is a loan that can be processed with very little supporting documentation.

No paperwork loans are excellent options for:

  • Self-employed people
  • Business owners
  • Freelancers
  • Contractors

Customers that fall into any of these categories will obviously find it difficult to provide PAYG statements and proof of regular income. So while they may earn a great income, it is hard to prove. Due to the irregularity of income though, many lenders deem these customers as ‘risky’ and no paperwork loans are usually offered with higher rates and fees to offset this risk to lenders. This is why it’s important to be aware of all possible charges before you sign on the dotted line.

Instant cash loans online with no paperwork? They do that?

Yes! We do! While it is not recommended that customers without any income apply, these are great options for people without access to supporting documentation. As long as the lender deems you able to commit to the terms of your loan, you could be approved and receive your funds on the same day.

So, when should you apply for one of these fast loans online?

Apply! Maybe don’t apply…
  • You’ve completed a weekly or monthly budget to track how much expendable income you have so you know you can afford a loan.
  • If you receive enough income to meet the Ts & Cs of your loan but don’t receive regular payslips or paperwork to prove this.
  • You would feel comfortable signing an affordability statement that confirms you understand the amount you are borrowing, you agree to your repayment schedule, and that you are liable for any debt incurred.
  • If you do not receive income but need a loan.
  • If you do not have a budget or enough expendable cash.
  • You already find yourself struggling to pay regular bills.
  • You would not feel comfortable signing a statement stating you can afford your loan.


If you find yourself in the maybe don’t apply column and are stressed about finding enough money to pay this month’s bills, then a loan is only going to make your situation much more unaffordable. For help with financial hardship, there are other places to turn first, such as the Department of Human Services, the National Debt Helpline, or ASIC’s MoneySmart.

What’s the catch?

No catch, just some things you should look out for. As with all personal finance options, there is an abundance of choices and conditions which you should always be clear on before you say yes to the loan!

We’ve helped you out by making this clear affordability checklist to explain things simply:

  • Rates: Check to see if your loan will be fixed-rate or variable rate, and what the comparison rate is. No paperwork loans do generally come with higher rates attached, but compare your options and find the best deal for you. The lower the interest the higher the savings!
  • Fees and charges: Read the fine print of your contract. Is there establishment fees? Ongoing account keeping fees? Monthly charges?
  • Loan terms: Longer loan terms stretch out your repayments and make them cheaper and easier to maintain. However short loan terms with no paperwork are the best options as you’ll be rid of the loan quickly and won’t pay interest, fees and charges on those extra months.
  • Repayment schedule: Does it match up with when you normally receive your pay? Do the amounts fit easily within your budget?
  • Flexibility: Will you be charged for making extra repayments or for paying out your loan early? Do you need access to a redraw facility?

Can I get a no paperwork loan with bad credit?

If your credit rating is scoring low, it shouldn’t exclude you from being able to take out a loan. At CashPal, we do not perform credit checks but some of our lenders might. Even if they do, the lenders we can find generally won’t reject you just for having a bad credit score. CashPal’s lender-finding service expertly matches you with lenders that are waiting and ready to help you in your situation.

If you are eligible for a loan application with us, we pass on your details to your chosen lender and it is up to them to negotiate with you from there. So, depending on your lender, it is still possible that you could receive same day funds for your personal loan even with bad credit.

This means that Centrelink payments may also be OK – as long as you can afford your repayments, fast and instant approval may only be a click away!

What can I use a no paperwork loan for?

It’s up to you! Personal loans are just that – for your personal use. With CashPal you can get online instant cash loans with no paperwork for any situation, including but not limited to:

  • House renovations that add value to your home
  • Dental bills
  • Car repairs
  • Your wedding
  • Debt consolidation
  • Purchase of new equipment for your home or business

Our lenders do not discriminate, and we do our best to find the right loan for anybody in any situation. That’s what we do! Online personal loans with no paperwork are an excellent choice if you are self-employed, a contractor or a freelancer.

What does CashPal do?

We’re glad you asked! CashPal is a lender-finding service. This means we do not provide the loans ourselves but rather we do a lot of behind-the-scenes work and match you with an appropriate lender who can give you the loan you need. Whether it’s small or large – we pride ourselves on no-fuss, easy applications for online quick cash loans. We specialise in finding the help you need – when you need it. Why spend countless hours researching lenders on your own when your (cash) pal can do it for you?

We’ve been in your situation before; frantically searching Google, hoping that the next lender you click on will be the right one. Our mission is to help regular Australians find the money they need fast. We’re here to show you that applying for a personal loan online doesn’t need to be as hard or as complicated as it often is. Our application process is simple, automated and 100% online, saving you time and stress!

CashPal also offer highly competitive rates and could have an outcome for you within minutes!

Ultimately, we know that this process can be stressful and daunting, so consider these reasons why you should make CashPal your new pal in finance:

  • We know everyone’s situation is different and we do our best to find lenders who will say yes
  • We offer lower repayments in comparison to others
  • Our team are quick thinkers and offer speedy turnarounds
  • CashPal is stress-free and the whole process can be done from home
  • We know our staff are experts at what they do
  • We are on your side and are the pal you can trust!

So, how do I get a fast loan online with no paperwork?

Finding yourself an easy loan with no paperwork just got easier. As easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Submit your online application. You’ll know if we can help you within a few quick minutes. You can use the ‘get started’ button from any page on our website to get started.
  2. We’ll hook you up. We’ll find you a lender who can offer you the loan you need – small or large, secured or unsecured!
  3. Just say yes! Once your lender has done a full, comprehensive assessment of their own, they’ll be in contact with you to discuss your loan term and contract.

The only thing left to do then is wait for the funds!

How long will I have to wait?

Instant cash loans online with no paperwork are a possibility! If you’re approved, you’re likely to receive your cash no later than the next working day.

If you apply within our regular business hours and meet all the criteria, there’s a chance your no paperwork loan could become an instant cash loan. How great would it be to have the funds transferred to you on the same day, so you can get out there and start making magic happen!

Can I trust CashPal with my information?

Yes! At CashPal we are serious about security. You can view our Privacy Policy here. We understand that trusting someone online with your personal information can be concerning. We take confidentiality seriously and consider your privacy to be important. We take our responsibility to protect it very seriously.

We take all of the necessary steps to protect your data from misuse or unauthorised access, and we protect our computer systems securely. When we no longer need your personal details, we take steps to destroy them from our network.

We also will not call your boss when you apply! However, some of our lenders may need to do a quick employment check. Rest assured though that our lenders employ well-trained operators who would never disclose any personal information about you or your application to your employer.

Am I eligible?

Since we are a lender-finding service and do not provide the loans ourselves, there is very little supporting evidence that you need to supply. Each lender then has their own requirements. If you’re worried about meeting lending criteria, it’s best to wait until we find a provider for you and then check what their specific requirements are. Chances are, we’ll have someone perfect for you!

All that we ask here at CashPal is that you can provide us with the following documentation:

  • Be 18 years old or over;
  • Have been paid a regular income into a personal bank account for at least the past 90 days;
  • Be an Aussie citizen, or have permanent residency;
  • Have an active telephone number and email address.

What are you waiting for?

The application is quick and easy, and we are here to help you every step of the way. We can be contacted quickly with our simple contact form, and no questions go unanswered!

So, for a friendly lender-finding service you can trust, click Get Started today and let CashPal help find you the best no paperwork loan possible!