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Trusted By Thousands Of Aussies Every Month

Cash Loans By Your Pal – Cash Pal Loans

Did you just type into Google “Cash Loans ” If you’re on the hunt online for a Cash Loan then you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of online loan lenders that offer quick cash loans, instant cash loans and other types of personal loans online. The trouble is, how do you find the right lender for you?

CashPal is an Australian lender-finding service that helps everyday Australians find personal loans worth up to $15,000. If you’re looking to borrow money online, find a cash loan over a short term or long term period we can help simplify your search by doing all the hard work for you! Best of all, our fast (really fast, like super fast) online application could take you just a few short minutes to complete.

Then, you’ll be on your way to finding the cash loan you need without all the running around. Applying for a cash loan and dealing with so many lenders is the old way of doing things, welcome to the future of applying for a personal loan, welcome to CashPal! With same day approvals for cash loans from $500 to $15,000 by having access to a large panel of lenders across Australia.


How do cash loans work?

Cash loans, same day loans, short term loans are all the same thing really, used for small expenses and are typically just personal loans. Personal loans allow you to borrow small amounts of money for short periods of time. Each lender will have their own borrowing terms and requirements, so your cash loans will vary depending on the provider.

That said, you will typically be required to pay back your loan in regular installments either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. These installments will include interest and any other fees that may be attached to the loan. So, it’s important you make sure you read a loan contract carefully before signing to be aware of any associated costs.


How much money could I borrow?

CashPal provides a fast and secure online platform to easily apply for cash loans with Aussie lenders. We can help you access cash loans from $500 to $15,000 with repayment terms ranging from 12 to 24 months.

Although conditions, fees and charges will vary between lenders, loans will generally be split by the following specifications:

Loan Type Small Personal Loans Medium Personal Loans Large Personal Loans
Amount $500 – $500 $2,001 – $4,600 $5,000 – $15,000
Term 12 months 13 – 24 months 13 – 24 months

Benefits of Cash Loans

No one can foresee an emergency or an accident in life. When something like that occurs, cash loans can provide a quick solution to your cash flow troubles. Yet, you can also use cash loans for a variety of other purposes. That includes everything from going on a vacation to arranging a wedding, unexpected bills, renovating your home or even consolidating your debts.

Here are some other examples of what you could use a cash loan for:

  1. Medical expenses
  2. Dental bills
  3. New furniture
  4. White goods
  5. Car repairs
  6. Car registration
  7. Moving costs
  8. Bond payments
  9. Funeral expenses
  10. Household bills


How long will it take to get my cash loan?

Times vary between lenders based on their individual eligibility requirements. In most cases, a lender will check certain factors like your

  • Job
  • Credit score
  • Expenses
  • Income

When determining whether to offer you a loan. Once the lender agrees, a full comprehensive assessment of your loan application they will contact you with an outcome.

If your application was successfully approved, they’ll send through a contract for you to sign. Different lenders have different interest rates and repayment terms so make sure you read the conditions thoroughly before signing. Once they’ve received your signed contract, most lenders will transfer the funds overnight and some will have the funds in your account within 1 hour!

Why spend hours researching lenders, when we can help you do it instantly?


Can I get a no credit check loan?

If your credit score is low or you have no history at all, it may be challenging to get a cash loan, but it is not impossible. There are some online lenders that do not require a credit check when applying for a loan. However, no credit check loans may charge high-interest rates and have very strict terms of repayment.

Fortunately, some lenders can still provide bad credit loans, even with a credit check. CashPal works with a wide variety of lenders, so we may be able to find you a lender – even with a bad credit history score. If you’re worried about your credit score, we encourage you to apply anyway. It’s free to do so and we could find you a match sooner than you think!


Are online loans safe?

Online cash loans are widely available now and there are a number of lenders to choose from. Although CashPal works with reputable local lenders, like any form of finance, it’s important you do your research before you agree to a loan contract.

We encourage you to get to know the lender better and make sure of their credibility before you agree to loan terms or short term loans. At the end of the day, we do not have any control over the terms of your loan so you should always discuss any concerns you have directly with your lender.


Why choose CashPal?

It can get frustrating trying to find legitimate lenders that meet your needs. CashPal is an online service that allows you to find money-lenders quickly. All you have to do is apply with us online and we’ll do the hard work for you!

It could take just a few minutes to submit your application online for a personal loan. If we find you a suitable match, we could have an outcome for you in a matter of hours.

CashPal is never going to let you down at the time of an urgent need. When you apply with lenders directly, you may end up submitting your application to multiple providers before you get a response. This is not the case with CashPal. With just one application, you can access hundreds of potential lenders! So, take the hard work out of applying for a loan and start your application today.


What information do I need to apply for a quick cash loan?

To apply for a cash loan online with CashPal you will be asked to answer some questions about yourself, your employment, bank statements, bank account and finances. A few supporting documents will need to be provided along with the application which can all be done through your smartphone.

To be eligible to apply for a loan

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have be an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • You must have been receiving income for the past 3 months.

Once you have provided all the information, CashPal will search for a lender that can provide you with the loan you need. We generally have an outcome for you within 1 hour as long as you apply with business hours. For further information on how it all works please visit our How It Works page.


What if I am on Centrelink income or have bad credit?

IMPORTANT: “Centrelink Loans” is a very common search term online. CashPal does not provide loans for or on behalf of Centrelink and has no relation to Centrelink whatsoever. Some of the lenders that CashPal work with might be able to find a loan if you are receiving Centrelink as a form of income.

Being on Centrelink or having bad credit does not mean you can’t get a cash loan. Lenders look at a number of factors, receiving a consistent income is just one of them.

CashPal will happily perform a loan application assessment even if you are receiving Centrelink payments or have a bad credit history. We will assess all loan applications the same regardless of if you have bad credit or are receiving a Centrelink income.


Apply Online Now

If you are in Australia and you need a quick cash loan, CashPal is the lender-finding service for you! We make finding cash loans online a breeze. Whether it’s an emergency, vacation, wedding arrangement or home renovation, we’re here to help you find the cash you need.

All you need to do is scroll up to apply now and get started! If you apply during business hours, we could have an outcome for you in as little as 60 minutes.


Need more information about cash loans?

If you have any questions about how CashPal can help find you a lender please don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team at or visit our FAQ page for more information.