Interested in a quick payday loan online? Or knowing more about quick payday loans?

Why settle for a quick payday loan that needs to be paid back within months when you can have 12 to 24 months to pay back your loan for the amount you need! Let CashPal Pay Day Loans assist you in finding you the right cash loan within 1 hour, our easy to use 100% online application form only takes minutes to complete and pending who you bank with you could have your payday loan funded within the same day.

How long does it take to get my money?

Apply for your cash instantly online and just ensure you provide all the details required within our loan application form to ensure a speedy and instant approval outcome. Once CashPal matches your application to the right lender and should you be approved, you could have the funds in your account on the same day, NO GIMMICKS, same day! Our Goal at CashPal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find a lender who best suits your needs. We pride ourselves on being a super-fast, easy to use loan finder saving you hours having to apply for quick payday loans with countless lenders waiting days to hear the outcome of your loan status.

CashPal are here to help when emergency situations arise and when you need access to cash really fast offering flexible repayment options to suit you and your life. CashPal do all the hard work for you. Regardless of your situation, CashPal will try and help you to find a lender that can fund you and help with your payday loan.

You can apply for a payday loan for any of the below reasons and much more;

  1. Car repair loans
  2. Car Insurance,
  3. Car Maintenance
  4. Car Registration
  5. Medical Expense Loans
  6. Funeral Loans
  7. Household bill loans
  8. Rent or bond loans
  9. Wedding loans
  10. Holiday loans
  11. School fee loans
  12. White-good loans
  13. Dental loans
  14. Emergency loans

Above a just a few reasons why you would need a quick payday loan however there are 1000’s of reasons why someone could need access to instant cash and would need a cash loan.

Do You Have Bad Credit? That’s No Problems With CashPal!

Yes, bad credit doesn’t help you get a loan easier however it doesn’t make it impossible either, every application is unique and everyone’s situation is different and this is exactly why the lenders we work with will assess every application and offer the best they can provide. Lenders will look a number of things about you and your personal loan application before approving you.  You should not stress, this is exactly why CashPal was created! To do the leg work for you

Time to relax and let CashPal do the leg work and find you the right lender. Apply now online  today, it only takes minutes to our online loan application form.

What Do Quick Cash Loans Cost?

So, what’s the cost of a quick cash loan you ask? The cost of your instant cash loan will depend on the lender we match you with. Most of our lenders can be flexible with the fees and costs associated with their loans. However, this is at the discretion of the lender themselves. Unless the lender we match you with states otherwise you can expect to pay something like this on your instant cash loan…

*Small Amount Credit Contract (loans from $500 to $2000), costs are:

  • Establishment fee: 20% of loan principal.
  • Flat monthly fee: 4% of loan principal.

Medium Amount Credit Contract (loans from $2001 to $4600), costs are:

  • Establishment fee: $400 flat fee.
  • Annual Percentage Rate: 48%.
  • Must be secured by a vehicle (car, boat, caravan or motorbike)

Large Amount Credit Contract (loans from $5,000 to $15,000), costs are:

  • Annual Percentage Rate: 21.24%
  • Must be secured by a vehicle (car, boat, caravan or motorbike)

Other fees may be applied in the even of missed/amended repayments.

*This is only an estimate. The lender that CashPal matches you with is subject to their own fees/charges, terms and conditions.

How Can I Pay Back My Instant Cash Loan?

An instant cash loan must be paid back on time in order to prevent any extra fees/charges or defaults from incurring. When a lender has approved your loan, they will be able to help you set up a direct debit. This will mean the money will be taken from your account on the agreed upon basis.

You will not need to do any of the payments manually as this process is automated – you will just need to make sure the correct amount of money is in your account in time for the payment to be taken.

If a payment does bounce from your account, you may incur a dishonour fee. These types of fees will, however, be outlined in your initial contract with the lender. It is very important that you read through this document in order to understand the charges that you will incur if a payment is to bounce.

If you believe that you won’t be able to make an upcoming payment is important you let your lender know as soon as possible. This will allow you to possibly make an alternative arrangement. This is at the discretion of the individual lender.

How Can I Apply?

Our application process is as simple as they come – 100% online, including your application process. Once you have submitted your application we will do a quick assessment. We will then let you know if we can help you. This should only take a few minutes. CashPal will then match you with a lender that will hook you up with instant cash.

If you’re a fan of what the lender is prepared to offer you then you can accept. If you’re not – that’s okay, you don’t have to accept. Once you’ve accepted your contract your lender will send you the funds straight to you. It’s as easy as that! No fuss, just instant cash loans – 100% online.

In summary its only 4 easy steps and Money, baby, money!!!

  1. Submit your Online Application
    • Yes that’s 100% Online
  2. We’ll hook you up
    • We’ll find the right lender who can offer you the loan you need
  3. Just say yes
    • Once your lender has done a full assessment, they’ll pop you a contract to sign.
  4. Money, baby, money!!!!
    • If your approved, your lender will shoot your money over to you no later than overnight.

So, what you waiting for?

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